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The first Lift E-Foil school on Gargano!

Efoiling lessons at Garganosurf, the largest water sports school in southern Italy. We are the first school in Gargano to offer Efoil. “eFoiling” is the latest trend in surfing. EFoil gives you the feeling of flying over water. Carving like a snowboard in fresh powder snow! With the freedom to enjoy it anywhere and anytime, regardless of wind and waves. It is fast, quiet and emission free!
We think that we can make hydrofoiling in general easier to learn with an Efoil. You can just concentrate on the board and learn to foil without thinking about a kite, wing or sail. This is how we open the foiling to everyone.
With us you will be professionally supported in learning to foil. Sign up now to learn to file! We have a small range of courses, which we would like to present to you here.

Efoil courses at a glance

Privat Course

Learn to E-foil in Apulia (Italy)

Why clients of Garganosurf make fast progress

  • Intensive training for optimal progress in the half and private courses
  • Training in the shallow water area in front of Cala Azzurra or on the sea accompanied by a teacher
  • Licensed teachers
  • Training with radio helmet
  • German, English and Italian speaking teachers
  • All courses including material insurance
  • All courses including accident insurance
  • Complete accessories included (neoprene, helmet, life vest)
  • Large board, simplifies the Efoil experience
  • Step by step guide, simplifies the introduction to hydrofoiling

Money back guarantee at garganosurf

“You only pay for the hours held!
Money back guarantee at garganosurf”

Procedure of the E-Foil courses

You can experience the lessons in semi-private lessons with 2 students or in private lessons. Ideal for all kitesurfers, windsurfers and wing surfers who want to expand their sport with foiling. Take one or two hours of eFoil lessons and you’ll know what “foiling” is without being distracted by the kite or your sail.

Our eFoil lessons are personally tailored to you and you will learn all aspects of the sport, such as foil theory, choosing suitable locations, pre-eFoiling checklists and all the skills and techniques you need to get the most out of yourself.

Our experienced instructors provide maximum safety in our Efoil courses so you can learn the sport without danger or frustration. In all Efoil courses we try to do most of the program in the water, in practice. Short theory sessions and dry practice on the simulator will help you to learn more in the Efoil courses. The lessons are held in German, Italian or English.

Rahel Holliger

CEO Garganosurf

“I experience my best moments through your satisfaction!”

E-FOIL Courses0.5h1h2h4h
Semi Private Course, 2 people4590180360
Privat Course90180360
In all our courses prices in € are included:
Complete equipment, wetsuit, life jacket and radio helmets.

open from April 1th to October 18th 2024

Garganosurf, the largest water sports center in southern Italy.

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