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The first Wingfoil school in Europe!

Learn to wingfoil at Garganosurf, the largest water sports school in southern Italy. We are the first school in the Gargano that offers wingfoils. This new sport can be practiced on any imaginable board. Although the most ideal is a SUP Hydrofoil board, because you have little resistance in the water, and you do not need a big drive. With us you will be professionally supported in Wingfoil learning. Sign up now to learn to wingfoil!

We have a wide range of courses which we would like to introduce to you here.

Wingfoil courses at a glance

Semi-private course

Privat courses

Learning to wingfoil in Puglia (Italy)

Why Garganosurf customers make rapid progress

  • Intensive training for optimal progress in semi-private and private courses
  • Training in the shallow area in front of the Cala Azzurra or on the sea accompanied by a teacher
  • Licensed teachers
  • English, german and italien speaking teachers
  • All courses including material insurance
  • Complete accessories included (wetsuit, harness, life vest)
  • Latest and special training material from Duotone Sails
  • Beginner Hydrofoil with large stable wing, simplifies the entry to hydrofoil

Money back guarantee

"You only pay for the hours held!
Money back guarantee at garganosurf"

Course of the Wingfoil courses

You can learn in semi – private lessons with 2 students or in private lessons. Our Wingfoil courses are done with material from Fanatic and Duotone Wings. Duotone’s latest super lightweight Wingfoil with an easy-to-handle tree comes in a variety of sizes. The beginners Wingfoil courses are held in deep, and shallow water if possible, which guarantees a fast learning success. From the handling of the wing, the very first start on a large windsurfing board, to hydrofoil maneuvers, everything can be learned in our Wingfoil courses. Evasion rules and theoretical units about security are included.

From wing construction to tack and jibe, you’ll learn everything to safely carry out this exciting water sport. Even in the advanced training is to better your knowledge, but also to learn something new, with energy-saving technologies, such as the hydrofoil water start.
Our experienced instructors provide maximum safety in our Wingfoil courses so you can get to know the sport without danger or frustration. For all Wingfoil courses, we try to do most of the program in the water, so in practice. Short theory units and dry training on the simulator support the learning process in the Wingfoil courses. Classes are held in German, Italian and English.

Rahel Holliger

Co-Manager Garganosurf

“We offer you the most qualified coaches, the latest material, the coolest spot in Europe!”.

Prices Wingsurf courses Garganosurf

WINGFOIL COURSES1h2h4h6hadd. 2h
Group 3-4 persons4080160*220*70
Semi private 2 persones  55110220*300*100
Course with own equipment -10%
* additional 1 hour free rental material
In all our courses prices in € are included:
Complete wingfoil equipment, wetsuit, harness, life west. For private and semi-private lessons radio helmets.

open from April 1th to October 18th 2024

Garganosurf, the largest water sports center in southern Italy.

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