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School of the former Worldchampion Astrid Berz

Learn Windsurfing at Garganosurf, the largest water sports school in southern Italy. We will teach you professionally to windsurf. Sign up for windsurfing now!

We have a large course offer which we would like to introduce you to here.

Windsurfing courses at a glance

Group courses

Semi-privat courses

Private courses

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Learn to windsurf in Puglia (Italy)

Why Garganosurf customers make fast progress

  • Courses (from 7 years and at least 25kg) for all levels
  • Intensive training for fast progress in semi-private and private courses
  • Training in shallow water area in front of Cala Azzurra or at sea accompanied by a teacher
  • Licensed, english, italian and german speaking teachers
  • All courses include material insurance
  • All gear included (neoprene, harness, life jacket)
  • Latest and special instruction material from North Sails & Duotone
  • International VDWS licenses
  • Level examination to obtain the windsurf license

Money back guarantee

"You only pay for the hours held!
Money back guarantee at garganosurf"

Windsurf course roll-out

You will be able to take part in group courses of up to 6 students, semi – private lessons with 2 pupils and private lessons. In our courses we use material from Fanatic, North Sails and Unifiber. Super light sails for adults and special material for children is sufficiently available. The beginners windsurf courses are held if possible in shallow and flat water to ensure fast progress. From the very first start to freestyle and wave moves it is possible to learn it all in our windsurf courses.
Right of way rule and theoretical units on security are part of the optional examination for the internationally valid VDWS certificate at the end of this course.

From the set up of a windsurfing sail to the tack and jibe, you will learn everything you need to carry out this exciting water sport safely. In the advanced courses it comes to optimize existing knowledge, but also to learn new moves with power-saving techniques, such as the beach start or water start.
Our experienced and VDWS-licensed teachers ensure maximum security in all our windsurf courses to allow you to learn this sport risk and care free. All our windsurf courses are of practical nature and take place mainly in the water. Short theory units and dry runs on the simulator support the learning process in our windsurf courses. Lessons are held in German, Italian and English.

Trial lesson windsurf

  • Every Sunday and Wednesday
  • From 17 to 18h
  • at the station Cala Azzurra
  • Cost 15 €

A funny beginners lesson to get a taste of the windsurfing sport. Come over and join us.

Advantage of a VDWS level system

  • You get a systematic build-up and recognize your learning success.
  • Perspectives are shown to you.
  • What are the learning steps, what else can you learn?
  • When do you belong to the Windsurfer’s Guard?
  • Your license is a certificate that covers your ability and helps you in some places
  • where a license is required, e.g. to rent windsurf material.

Rahel Holliger

CEO Garganosurf

“I experience my best moments through your satisfaction!”

Prices windsurf courses Garganosurf

WINDSURF COURSES1h3h6h6h + VDWS8h10hadd. 2h
Trial Course10
Group adults 3-6 persons / age 11+35105180*200*240*285*57
 Group kids 3-6 persons / age 6-103090160*180*215*250*50
Combi group & Rental start390480
Semi privat 2 persons45130255*275*86
Hydrofoil Private90255500*170
VDWS Licenses recognized worldwide3520 + Course
Course with own material -10%
* additional 1 hour free rental material
In all our courses prices in € are included:
Complete windsurfing equipment, wetsuit, harness, life jacket. For private and semi-private lessons radio helmets.

“I started to windsurf with Garganosurf 5 years ago. Since 2 years I rent the material at the station Cala Azzurra. I feel safe also out at sea as there’s always an instructor from Garganosurf in the water and also from the station they pay attention to everyone. At the station I feel in good hands and thanks to their excellent service they offer the best value for money.”
Jan-Luc Jäger

open from April 1th to October 18th 2024

Garganosurf, the largest water sports center in southern Italy.

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