Group courses windsurf

Learn to windsurf in groups

To the next level with fun and group dynamics:

Our group windsurfing courses are conducted with 3-6 students per instructor. Each student has his own board and adjusted sail. So do not be afraid of huge groups in our windsurfing courses, with us you will also be taught individually in the groups Windsurfing Courses
In our windsurfing courses we use material from Fanatic and North Sails. Super light sails for adults, as well as special children’s material are sufficiently available. The beginners windsurf courses are held in shallow and flat water whenever possible, to ensure fast learning success.
Our teachers are qualified VDWS. We offer professional windsurf training for every level including license. Our teachers speak German, Italian and English

Money back guarantee

"You only pay for the hours held!
Money back guarantee at garganosurf"

VDWS license

For an additional fee of € 20.- you can take the exam for the internationally recognized VDWS Windsurfing License after a 10h course. You get 1 hour of theory, 1 VDWS booklet, write an exam and get the VDWS windsurfer license.

group courses are perfect for

  • Beginners
  • Advanced riding with straps, sliding
  • Advanced riding, waterstart and power jibe


  • From 11 years
  • You have a basic fitness level and you can swim. So no more excuses!

Advantages of group course:

  • Group dynamics with fun
  • Less expensive
  • Constructive learning by analyzing the mutual errors

6h group course € 180.-

* Including 1h rental material for free!
Theory and practice:

  • Knowing the wind direction
  • safety
  • Riding, close houled, beare away
  • Change of direction
  • Tack
  • stay on the same hight

Content advanced:

  • Individually depending on the level

Prices windsurf courses Garganosurf

WINDSURF COURSES1h3h6h6h + VDWS8h10hadd. 2h
Trial Course10
Group adults 3-6 persons / age 11+35105180*200*240*285*57
 Group kids 3-6 persons / age 6-103090160*180*215*250*50
Combi group & Rental start390480
Semi privat 2 persons45130255*275*86
Hydrofoil Private90255500*170
VDWS Licenses recognized worldwide3520 + Course
Course with own material -10%
* additional 1 hour free rental material
In all our courses prices in € are included:
Complete windsurfing equipment, wetsuit, harness, life jacket. For private and semi-private lessons radio helmets.