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Closed cell foil kite course

If you have or want to get a foil kite/soft kite, this course is for you. We’ll show you what to look for in a foil kite

After the theory and safe starting and landing on the beach, you can do the first relaunch attempts in the water. By the constant connection to the teacher over radio you experience fast progress, which will inspire you immediately. At the end of the course you’ll feel carefree and safe in handling the foil kite.

Money back guarantee

"You only pay for the hours held!
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Softkite Kurse sind ideal für

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate from level 3
  • Advanced from level 5


  • Safety on the beach and in the water
  • Gain confidence in difficult situations

1h Softkite cours € 90.-


  • Prepare properly
  • Safely start and land in the power and soft zone
  • Relaunch of the kite
  • Self-Rescue

Prices kitesurf courses Garganosurf

Trial Course Group30
Group of 2 Early bird prices280435310
Prices on the spot105200300470330
Private course Early bird prices90480750510
Prices on the spot95190360510800540
Private courses with your own material Early bird prices75150
Prices on the spot80160305
Hydrofoil course Early bird prices190360
Prices on the spot100200380
Licenses recognized worldwide VDWS textbook, theory, exam + license4030 + course
VDWS exam & license30
VDWS textbook20